a Technology Driven, Healthcare consultancy company.
EMR Software Consultant
eZee-solutions is a Healthcare consulting company dedicated to help hospitals with greater technical competency. We provide expertise's on EPIC Clarity, EPIC Caboodle (DWH) and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Our consultants are certified on EPIC & Microsoft systems.
Data Integration Consultant
With the years of experience gained as data integrator in the Healthcare Sector, our developers have seen many possible improvements in the data integration section. All these ideas were brought together, which gave birth to a product called MedDataXtract. After using this tool, our users have reduced considerable amount of ETL development time, thereby saving cost and making the whole process efficient.
Super-Focused Niche Consultant
Our niche consultants are the ones who solves very specific problem of an organization. Our consultant gained years of experience in academic hospitals developed critical thinking and problem solving skills. Some the key solutions are: 1. Incremental extraction from EPIC Clarity (using CR_STAT_ALTER table), 2. Partitioned Views on bigger EMR tables ie. IP Device and IP Flowsheet tables. 3. Data integration using XML & JSON ie. DICA extraction. 4. Data Archiving solution using Apache SPARK.
Innovative Architect Consultant
Our consultants are constantly trying their hands on new tools, which help creates Innovation Architecture to continuously harvest, pilot and scale innovation rapidly and effectively. We help in creating your own intelligent enterprise, adopt a mindset to Reimagine and Reinvent your process and services. 
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